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Famous in many countries of the world as the manufacturer of the diaphragm expansion vessels for heating and water supply systems. The range of products includs degassing systems & separation technology , pressurisation system, water make-up systems & water treatment technology, storage water heaters & heat exchangers, hydraulic distribution technology.


Products of the company Reflex is manufactured in Germany, the city of Westphalia, as well as in Poland, the city Wąbrzeźno. High quality criteria, the ratio of price - quality and competence of employees in the manufacturing process, contribute to the continued expansion and strengthening of market position in Europe.

Products from Reflex include equipment for maintaining pressure, recharge and de-aeration, air microbubble separators, sludge and mud, heat exchangers and hot water storage tanks. The basis for the equipment, produced by the company REFLEX, is steel, from the quality of which depends on the reliability and durability of the products. That is why Reflex uses a high-grade steel brand Krupp, which was once used by German Armed Forces Wehrmacht.

Product line of company is almost completely automated, where in the manufacture of expansion tanks and accumulators human intervention is kept to a minimum. The entire product range is subjected to strict controls, which reduces the percent of defective products to almost zero.

Use of products from REFLEX provides hydraulic stability of the system, protecting it from water hammer, remove free oxygen from the coolant than ensures a long service life of the system without corrosion and reducing operating costs.

Reflex received certification under ISO 9001 one of the first in this area , which confirms the high quality of its equipment. On the Ukrainian market the equipment of Reflex has proven itself as the most reliable and durable, so is most prevalent.

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