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Leading manufacturer of valves and controls for the Building Services Industry.
The combination of valves, controls and other components to create an effective, economical, energy-saving and ecological system.
Systems of Oventrop is a guarantee of high quality and reliability.


OVENTROP is one of the leading European manufacturers of valves for all sectors of the Building Services Industry. The company is a competent and reliable partner to stockists, consultants, contractors and industry. OVENTROP offers long-term support to its partners in the market.

The products of company OVENTROP are distributed all over the world by subsidiaries in several European countries and representatives in all the world: China, Turkey, USA ,France, Great Britain, Italy, Poland, Switzerland, etc.

The raw materials are produced for the foundry and presses, then further processing is done by using modern and computer programmed machines. Automated and semi-automated robots are collected finished products of separate parts.

Products of Oventrop is a leader in design and innovation. The construction and design of products are developed by highly qualified specialists of the company. Oventrop company is one of the first that received many prestigious awards and has been certified to DIN-EN-ISO 9001.

The range of products is manufactured using the most modern and durable materials, high quality and excellent design. Catalog of manufactured products include:

  • thermostats, actuators, valves and fittings,
  • control and regulation,
  • surface heating and cooling "Cofloor",
  • isolating and pipe fittings
  • connecting to heating circuit and hot water supply,
  • solar thermal energy,
  • potable water system,
  • heating oil valves,etc.

OVENTROP company occupies a strong position in the market thanks to the high qualification of employees, training and retraining. About 10 % of the workforce are apprentices. Providing jobs and protecting the environment are the first priority in the program of the company.

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