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Innovative solutions in the field of heating equipment, sanitary engineering and floor heating systems.
Leading manufacturer that provides the energy efficiency, safety and comfort.
A professional approach throughout.


More than five decades, Kermi is the leading and most progressive manufacturer of panel radiators and shower cubicles. Every year, Kermi strengthens its leading role in matters of energy efficiency and environmental friendliness thanks to its advanced achievements, high quality, creative approach to the design and the original vision of the future.

Kermi the first developed unique innovative steel panel radiators Therm X2, which save energy and provide a constant comfortable warmth in the room. Radiators are compatible with all heating systems, thanks to its patented X2 technology. The uniqueness of the X2 technology for the first time allows to save energy at the time of heat transfer. Thus, the flat panel radiators are the ideal form of advanced heat transfer focused on maximum energy efficiency for a long time operation.

Design radiators and bathroom radiators from Kermi has long gained wide popularity as a modern interior objects that can satisfy the most refined tastes of customers. They stand out among other variety of models, shapes, colors, high heating efficiency, ease of maintenance, and many additional features.

Products of Kermi has been repeatedly awarded known awards, including for its unique design (Design Plus, Design AWARD). It also features a high degree of comfort, not least thanks to the ergonomic accessories, the possibilities for accommodation towels to dry on the side, or more basic function of electrical heating, etc. All accessories are of high quality, reliability and impeccable appearance, suitable for any design of radiators. Elegantly integrate, they provide additional comfort functions. Thus, their decorative features further underline modern style bathrooms and living rooms.

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