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Czech producer of polypropylene water supply systems for the distribution of hot and cold water, central heating and under-floor heating systems.


Today, the company HP trend produces the widest range of plastic pipes and fittings. Plastic pipes are produced of PPR typ3 material – random of polypropylene copolymer, in pressure series of - PN 10, PN 16, PN 20.

The material has excellent flexibility and perfect pressure resistance for the distribution systems of warm and cold water and under-floor heating. Production of pipes and fittings is carried out by using the most modern technologies, modern German, Austrian and Italian equipment using ultrasonic wall thickness control. The whole production program completes production of poly-fusion welders, intended for comfortable welding (connecting) the piping system.

Advantages of polypropylene products HP trend: tube life of to 50 years, environmental cleanliness and hygienic harmlessness of the material, low noise and pressure loss, a minimal negative impact on the environment, a low coefficient of thermal expansion, resistance to internal overpressure, leaks and water resistant seams aesthetic appearance, lack of toxicity, weldability is good and fast.

Company HP trend, s.r.o. exports 80% of its products to many countries of the European Union and Eastern Europe.

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