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The Danish company Grundfos was founded in 1945 by Poul Due Jensen. Now Grundfos is a leading manufacturer of pumping equipment throughout the world. At first the company was called “ Bjerringbro Pressestoberi og Maskinfabrik” (Bjerringbro Foundry and Machine Factory). In 1967, after several changes of name, the company got its present name, Grundfos. The main part of activities in the Danish Grundfos companies (Grundfos DK the - Sales Company, Grundfos A/S - the Production Company and Grundfos Holding A/S) take place in the small town Bjerringbro. Today the company is represented by more than 80 companies in more then 55 countries, employing about 19,000 people.

Grundfos was the first who created block-modular centrifugal pump (model CP3) in the 50s of the last century . Using of standardized components and parts helped Grundfos to launch a full-scale production equipment, which best corresponds to the client's requirements. Centrifugal pumps CP3 became the predecessor model CR, which is one of the key product lines of the company today.

In 1965, Grundfos offered a completely new approach to increase the corrosion resistance of the pump equipment. As a result, pumps are made entirely of stainless steel, and used the titanium for making important parts and components. Improving the technologies of mechanical processing allowed to create pumps, which can pump aggressive liquids (e.g., sea water).

In the beginning of 80s Grundfos was the first who demonstrated the work of pumps with automatic electronic control. The system losses reduction in water supply - Demand Driven Distribution (DDD)- was the next step in improving the energy efficiency of pumping equipment. Demand Driven Distribution (DDD) allowed to abandon outdated technology control pressure. With this system the pressure is kept constant in the point of water intake, the pressure in pipes is reduced, reduced damage and leakage of communication.

Today, the specialists from Grundfos aimed their efforts at increasing coefficient of efficiency and reducing the energy consumption of pumping equipment. Application of new technologies allows the company to set records in energy efficiency. So, in 2013 it made motor (Series MGE) with a higher coefficient of efficiency than the equipment "superpremium", corresponding to the class IE4 (European standard EN 60034-30: 2009).

Since its foundation until today, Grundfos develops and improves its technology, offering its customers a new and unique solutions. Continuous development, preserving and strengthening the position of leader of the industry remains a key priority for Grundfos in the future.

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