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A leading manufacturer of cast iron clamp connections for pipes. Compression connections are known as technology that saves time and money to connecting and installation of pipelines.


The International Organization Gebo Armaturen, founded in 1918, started out with wholesales of pipes. The working principle is connect the pipes with the help of a strong seal of clamping rings and gaskets, providing the ability to quickly repairs or installation without the use of welding or threading.

Intensive development of the company for decades led to the founding of the Gebo Group – a holding of 8 daughter companies, which comprises of Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary and Russia.

The firm Gebo moved production to Poland in 1993, but restored the production process only in 1996, when the all of equipment moved from Germany. In the early years, the company manufactures products for the needs of GEBO Group, and sells the range of products on the territory of Poland.

Universal cast iron compression fittings (known today as Gebo Quick) was the first group of products, which Gebo started produce on the Polish market. Later the offer was supplemented by Gebo Special, cast iron compression fittings for special purposes. Afterwards, Gebo introduces plastic compression fittings for PE pipes, known as Gebo Plast. The next stage in the development of the company becomes a production of universal fittings for underground installations – Gebo Unisolid. Today, the company produces backflow-preventing and closing valves – Gebo Valves and Gebo SuperVario - installation system with corrugated stainless steel pipe, and Gebo Fittings – galvanised threaded fittings, which from 2012 are also available in Platinum version.

You can quickly and easily connect, without the use of welding: washing machine, radiators, water heater, connect the heating pipes, make drainage from the existing pipe, connect pipes of different materials and more with products of GEBO. Simple and easy installation GEBO’s goods will save you time and money. The product range of GEBO is intended for use in the repair, installation and commissioning work at the existing functioning plumbing or gas pipelines.

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