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High-quality and reliable manufacturer who can offer comfortable heating for the house.
The product range perfectly combines high-quality materials and extensive production experience and innovation to guarantee reliability and comfort use technology day for day.


Company Buderus AG is a largest Europe's manufacturer of modern energy-efficient heating equipment and systems for a comfortable climate. Since 2003 is a member of Bosch Thermotechnik GmbH, on the Ukrainian market the company operates since 2005.

Buderus offers a wide range of innovative equipment, that can significantly reduce energy consumption and reduce harmful impacts on the environment. Products of the company allows to realize the most ambitious projects in the industrial and domestic sectors, providing hot water, heat, electricity to industrial production, housing areas, communal facilities and social infrastructure.

The main purpose of Buderus company is to reduce operating costs, energy savings and environmental care. Its goals Buderus embodies in the innovative energy efficient equipment such as condensing heating technology that allows maximum use of the energy of fuel burned, while reducing the cost of heating and hot water, and also in equipment operating on alternative sources of energy: heat pumps, solar collectors, boilers wood fuel.

Today, Buderus offers a full range of heating equipment on the Ukrainian market , which includes: low-temperature gas and oil boilers, condensing boilers, solid fuel boilers, burners, wall hung and floor standing boilers, automatic control systems and control circuits of heating and hot water supply, steel panel radiators, solar collectors , heat pumps, block combined Heat and Power.

Buderus is a comprehensive manufacturer of heating systems and a comfortable climate. Also, Buderus offers a number of parts and accessories for heating systems - chimneys, pumps, expansion tanks, fittings and other products from leading European manufacturers.

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