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The largest manufacturer of thermometers in Italy. All products of the company provides reliable, trouble-free operation and accuracy of measurement in the range of 0 to + 500 ° C. Ideal for automatic control of boilers, pumps and other heating equipment..


Company ARTHERMO SRL is a leading Italian manufacturer of measuring instruments. Italian design and high quality products provides for company a constant rise in popularity in the international market. The rich experience and know-how enable the company to adapt its products to all requirements and needs of customers. Arthermo product range covers many applications: refrigeration, heating system "warm floor", conditioning, etc. Service and Quality are the backbone for all business relationships which has established over the decades. Core values of company are loyalty, trust and honesty, which are shared by all partners and customers. Taking the complex technical solutions in the manufacture of every detail, the company offers its customers innovative products with improved design and quality. Arthermo produces a wide range of mechanical and electronic products, analog and digital tools to cover all needs of the market on today.

Reliability and security of Arthermo products arise from several factors: quality control, fully automated production process and careful selection of raw the highest quality. The Certificate UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 confirms the factors above and is a further evidence of the thoroughness with which the company approaches the manufacturing process and, of course, cares about the consumer.

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